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About Me

Jo Jo Yee was born in Malaysia but spent most of her life in Sydney, Australia. She moved to the UK in 2011 and lives with her husband and toddler in Buckinghamshire.


"I love to grow and make the best use of my home grown fruit and vegetables in Chinese and South East Asian inspired recipes."

During lockdown in 2020, Jo Jo produced an online series of kitchen garden cooking and growing videos, commissioned by Yahoo UK. She was also a former contestant and finalist on the BBC's Big Allotment Challenge.

You may have seen me here:

As the "Kitchen Gardener" on Yahoo!-

a growing and cooking video series (2020)

Romanesco cauliflower growing tips and cooking

Cucumber growing tips and cooking

BBC's Big Allotment Challenge (TV series) finalist (2015)

Monthly column 'Gardening Tips for for Green-fingered Gourmets' for Good Things Magazine (2015)

Kitchen Garden Magazine (2015)

Recipes published online by Sainsbury's and the BBC

My other blog: Fusian Living 

You can find me on Instagram here


Send me an email:

Jo Jo Yee Asian garden cook. Jo Jo Yee from Big Allotment Challenge.
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