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  • Jo Jo Yee

Grow Chinese Vegetable: Choy Sum

This is Choy Sum, sown late summer into seed trays and then planted out into larger containers. I am using washing up tubs with holes drilled underneath - each tub fits six plants and I have a few tubs on the go - filled with plants at different stages for a continuous supply for a few weeks.

Choy Sum is a Chinese green that does better in warmer temperatures between 15-30° Celsius. In autumn, they will thrive in the greenhouse.

When buds appear, it is almost time to harvest. The flowers, leaves and stems are all edible. My Po-po (grandmother) used to tell me that the yellow flowers were the most delicious bit.

If planted out at the right time, the Choy sum stalks will be crunchy but still tender. The stalks should not be woody or tough - if seedlings are too close together, they will shoot up flower buds at a very young stage and then go woody.


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