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  • Jo Jo Yee

Growing Winter Squash vertically upwards

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

How to grow winter squash up an arch

Squashes can take up a lot of space in the garden. So, if you are gardening in a small space, then it's time to take them upwards.

Building The Squash Arch

First, get hold of some garden arches - these were quite good value ones from Argos (£16).

The metal rods come in a flat pack which you screw together. They are fairly lightweight but have held up against the wind so far.

Next, you will need some wire mesh to clad onto the arch. You can cut the mesh to size and then secure it to the frame using zip ties.

Supporting the Vines up the arch

As the vines grow, you can weave the plant in and out of the mesh.

Keep an eye out for female flowers - once they start growing make sure you weave them into a secure spot so their stems can be supported by the mesh.

Can the arch support the weight of the butternut squashes?

Yes, my vines had no problem holding on to the squashes and you can see that they are pretty large and heavy.

To encourage the vine to grow up and over the arch, I remove most of the side shoots as they appear. This encourages the main vine to grow and as it does, you can weave it into the trellis.

And as to how to cook butternut squashes? I like to stir-fry, braise, steam them using Chinese and Asian butternut squash recipes.


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