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  • Jo Jo Yee

Grow Thai Basil from store bought herb packets

Easy way to start your own Thai basil plants

Thai basil is a herb that is easily propagated from store bought packets. Not just the Thai variety, of course, but most basil can be propagated from cuttings. This method of propagation also works for mint and watercress.

Growing basil from store bought stems
Grow basil from store bought stems

When selecting herbs to propagate from, always choose the freshest ones available with no sign of rot. It is better to choose less mature stems that have no flower buds emerging.

  1. Remove the lower leaves from each stem, leaving just three to four leaves on each. If they are very long stems, you can pinch out the tops (you can see what they look like in the video below).

  2. Place in a small beaker or glass filled with a small amount of water (just enough for stems to be partially submerged).

  3. After a few days, you should see tiny roots start to emerge.

  4. When each stem has a few long roots, they are ready to be planted into soil.


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