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  • Jo Jo Yee

Growing lettuce in pots

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Small space? Grow cut-and-come again lettuce in pots for a continuous supply.

If you are growing in a small space, it is entirely possible to grow a continuous supply of lettuce by using the cut and come again method.

  1. Choose your favourite lettuce varieties. If you are a beginner, look out for ones that are described as being ideal as a 'cut and come again' crop like Valmaine, a romaine lettuce.

  2. There are two ways of sowing:

    1. Sow seeds thinly into seed trays filled with compost and then transplant out individual plants into larger pots.

    2. Sow lettuce seeds direct into 'final position' pots or containers filled with compost . Lettuce has quite shallow roots so the pots don't need to be deep.

  3. Water daily. Lettuce prefers their roots to be kept moist and not dry out.

At the height of summer, keep the pots in a partial shade spot as lettuce generally does not like the heat

Seen above are : Lettuce 'Warpath' and hybrid iceberg/cos variety, 'Red Salad bowl' - a frilly oak leaf and 'Valmaine'.


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