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  • Jo Jo Yee

Growing Italian Courgettes and Summer Squashes

Every year, I grow zucchini and summer squash in my kitchen garden. The patch would not feel complete without these highly productive plants.

My favourite seeds are from Italian company Franchi. They stock interesting and unusual varieties that will make your zucchino growing journey anything but boring.

Varieties to Try

Here are some that I've grown in the past from the Franchi range that I have enjoyed:

Rugosa Friuliana (zuchetta) - a firm favourite of mine with knobbly, pale yellow fruit.

The flesh is dense, 'nutty' delicious and remind me of butternut squashes (although there is no need to peel them).

Custard white (zucchino) is pretty round fruit with scalloped edges and their shape makes them perfect for the summer barbecue (sliced).  The fruit can be harvested both small (sometimes sold commercially as 'patty pan squash' in it's baby form) or larger. The skin is delicate and there is no need to peel them before cooking/eating. Genovese, Striato are both typical classic shaped zucchini but their colouring is what makes them striking. The former is a pale green, creamy fleshed variety from Genova and the latter a dark green striped one.

Greyzini Ibrido F1 also has a classic shape but has darker stripes through it.

Bolognese is more unusual with a pale green, rounder shape. It is an absolute standout in terms of flavour - really delicious - almost like a natural 'umami' saltiness about it.

Zucchini and summer squashes will thrive if grown in the ground in a sunny and protected spot.


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