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  • Jo Jo Yee

Farewell Summer Harvest!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We are almost certainly at the end of summer now - there's absolutely no point being in denial, is there?

In my basket, I have:

• Baby corn 'Snobaby' - I was surprised to find some small ears down the bottom of the plants. Each plant had already produced up to six ears of baby corn, so these are the 7th and 8th.

• A spaghetti squash, custard white patty pan squash and zucchini

• Cucumbers Mini Munch - a superstar all summer

• a variety of tomatoes from the greenhouse - Sungold, Mountain Magic, Tigerella..

• Small aubergines Czech Early (anyone else had a bad aubergine year?)

• A few plums from our young tree

• the BEST raspberries of the year- really big, nice quality ones! These are from our 'Polka' canes that fruit twice a year - they are definitely a variety that I would highly recommended.


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