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  • Jo Jo Yee

More Summer Harvest!

This time of year, my basket is always full - filled with homegrown produce from the garden, all sown from seed.

Having the ability to grow food from seed is something I feel very grateful for. Here in the UK, we have access to tools and equipment that make the grow journey so pleasant and easy. It can't get better than that!

My star performers this summer have been the greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers 'Mini Munch' which we pick every day. The zucchini/squash bed is another must-have - grow a few of these productive plants and you'll never go hungry.

Lettuce is usually grown as a cut-and-come crop for a continuous supply.

We make successional sowings of carrots (every few weeks) mostly in containers. My little girl loves carrots and if she sticks to her daily "ration" of pulling up 2-3 per day, we have a good availability until the frosts.


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