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  • Jo Jo Yee

Summer Harvest!

August is an incredibly busy time here in the garden. Who else could do with an extra pair of hands?

In my harvest basket I have:

  • ︎Beetroot Red Ace & Chioggia

  • ︎Courgette Greyzini Ibrido & Genovese, White custard patty pan

  • ︎Tomatoes - mostly Tigerella, Mountain Magic and finally, the Green Envy which ripens to green 💚

  • ︎Raspberries Polka are back.. Yaaas! 🙌

  • ︎Bell peppers & chillies Apache

  • ︎Chinese celery 'Kin Tsai' - this is similar to celery but stronger, almost like a cross between parsley and celery.


That's a LOT of food!! 😁❤


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